Introducing... TDG's Virtual Course 


TDG's Virtual Course 

Do You Dream  About Owning a Vacation Rental? 

Wondering if you should capitalize on the short-term rental boom? 

Already closed on a rental property and wondering “now what?” 

Want to make sure your short-term rental is financially and personally rewarding? 

Been in the biz for a while, but feeling like it’s changing faster than you can keep up?

Want to learn new skills to make the most of your existing investments? 

Do You Dream  About
Owning a Vacation Rental?

Wondering if you should capitalize on the short-term rental boom? 

Already closed on a rental property and wondering “now what?” 

Want to make sure your short-term rental is financially and personally rewarding? 

Been in the biz for a while, but feeling like it’s changing faster than you can keep up?

Want to learn new skills to make the most of your existing investments? 

 Welcome!  You've Arrived At Just The Right Place! 

A short-term rental is so much more than a real estate investment—they are a hospitality business. While typical investments deal in numbers and markets, short-term rentals deal in experiences.  Sometimes hundreds of them a year!


This requires a specialized set of skills that combines both market smarts and the ability to deliver professional hospitality to guests. Without hospitality, you simply won’t make it in the crowded rental market.  And remember: hospitality is a state of mind. 


To succeed, you must use empathy to anticipate your guests’ wants, needs, comfort levels, and fears—then deliver an experience that deeply understands them. This self-paced course will help you do just that!

 Are You Ready to...

  • Learn how to deliver an experience rather than a place to stay?

  • Avoid all the mistakes that turn away many before they even see a profit?

  • Build a profitable hospitality business with the help of a 10-year rental industry veteran (and 25-year real estate pro!) who has obsessively studied the secrets of hotels?

This course will take you through the process step by step, 

shaving years off of your learning curve!

Meet  Alanna... TDG's Founder!

TDG's 20 Module Blueprint...

Modules 1-10 Available Instantly When You Sign Up!

  • Purchasing a Short-Term Rental! Learn how your long-term goals will influence your initial purchase. Plus, quiz potential agents on their short-term rental smarts with a list of 8 Questions for Real Estate Agents.

  • Hiring a Property Manager. Undertake a cost/benefit analysis for hiring a property manager. Then find the right one using our list of 27 Questions for Potential Property Managers. 

  • Is Self-Management Worth It?  What you need to know, expect, and plan for if you decide to go DIY in your hospitality business—from emergencies to marketing to repair and maintenance. 

  • A Clean Rental is a 5 STAR Rental. Meet the standards of your pickiest guests with our Housekeeping and Deep Clean Checklists plus 10 Interview Questions for Cleaners +

    bonus! + 10 Housekeeping Hacks for Back-to-Back Turns.

  • Accounting 101. A nuts-and-bolts guide for the non-experts! Covers ownership entities, bank accounts, credit cards, lines of credit, and, of course, how to manage your books. 

  • Vacation Rental Insurance. Learn from insurance expert Darren Pettyjohn about the best coverage for short-term rental owners, and what to do if a guest gets hurt. Plus, get our list of 11 Questions for Insurance Providers. 

  • Vacation Rental Safety. A feeling of safety is essential to professional hospitality. We cover the most important—and most often overlooked—safety features for rentals. Featuring safety expert Justin Ford of Breezeway.

  • Why You Need A Booking Form. Limit your liability with a booking form (a.k.a. “short-term lease”). We identify the key clauses to include and how to create one for cheap—without sacrificing quality.

  • House Rules To Live By. Protect your investment with a deep-dive into house rules. Includes 26 Professionally Written House Rules to share with guests, plus House Rules Signage to display at your rental.

  • Here Come Your Guests. Prep your place with tips for interior design and staging. Also included: 9 Checklists for Stocking Your Rental + HOW TO GET the best commercial hotel products at wholesale prices.

  • Hiring a Photographer. 

    Jump ahead of the competition with professional photography! We’ll cover how to hire the right one, and how to stage your property with the TDG Photoshoot Checklist!

  • Marketing for Beginners. Learn how to stand out on major listing sites (like Airbnb & Vrbo). Then, go a step further and diversify with alternatives like niche websites (and more!). 

  • The Price is Right. Pricing your rental is an art and a science—and the key to your business’s sustainability. Learn how to determine your base price, implement pricing software, and become a market-maker in your area. 

  • Damage Deposits to Cover Your A@#. We cover why they're important, cash damage deposits vs. damage waivers, and how to seamlessly include them in your workflow.

  • Guest Communication. Answer your guest's most pressing questions and lavish them with attention using our 17 Guest Communication Templates, which cover a range of hospitality scenarios.

  • Creating a Guidebook. Be the tour guide without the tour! Learn what to put in your guest guide with our Workbook for Creating Your Guidebook. Also included is a breakdown of DIY book vs. tech-savvy options/apps.

  • The Reviews Are In. Use TDG's Sample Reviews and Pro-Tips to improve your business, review guests, and respond to challenging guest reviews. Plus, How to vet guests, dispute reviews, and use the AirReview App.

  • Vacation Rental Advocacy. Why our industry needs advocates, and how to get involved in shaping the future of vacation rentals. 

  • Brand Your Business.  Create your own unique hospitality brand with our Branding Board Template. Plus: name your rental, choose and purchase your website URL, set up your social media and business directories and more!

  • Level Up. The journey doesn't end here. Reach the next level with additional tips from industry experts to advance you from "beginner" to "pro."

Plus...TDG's  Complimentary Blueprint Gifts!

All 20 Modules PLUS...

  • Join The Community!

    Your purchase also includes an invitation to our members-only Facebook group. Continue to learn, network, and crowdsource with your fellow beginning rentalists!

  • Office Hours With Alanna

    Optional - you don't have to 😁 

    Every Wednesday, I hold office hours on Zoom, where you can come to ask me your pressing questions about your short-term rental. Grab a coffee and let’s chat! 

In my experiences as a short term rental host, podcaster and founder of Host2Host, I have found Alanna Schroeder of The Distinguished Guest to be professional, ethical and informative.  She possesses great business savvy, offering views that express her knowledge and her caring.  I have seen Alanna go out of her way to help another host/owner achieve success.  In an industry that is continually growing, Alanna has developed an understanding of how our industry works and who works within it.  I trust her judgement and advice and have learned more from her than from almost anyone else in this field.  


Alanna’s contributions and work with Host2Host have been invaluable. Her new course TDGs Blueprint for Beginning Rentalists includes comprehensive and vital information for the short term rental host.  Although it is designed for the beginning host, the course includes so much information it is also great for established hosts.  It’s comprehensive from the purchase of property, through the setup of rental space and navigating Online Travel Agency listings.  The TDG course modules will save headaches and missteps, increasing satisfaction as well as income!

Debi Hertert

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TDG's Blueprint

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Learn how to deliver an experience rather than a place to stay!

  • DIY Templates, Forms, Swipe Files, Checklists & Pro- Tips!

  • Real Life Examples of Responses to Guest Reviews!

  • Exclusive Advice From The Industry’s Top Experts!

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© Copyrights by The Distinguished Guest.

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